The best definition of art that I have read is from Ayn Rand's The Romantic Manifesto: "Art is a selective re-creation of reality based on the artist's metaphysical value judgments". Re-creation means more than just interpretation. It means analyzing reality, breaking it down into core conceptual pieces, and reassembling and reshaping those pieces for the purpose of emphasizing what is important to me. This process of deconstruction and reconstruction is not linear; it does not start at point A and march relentlessly towards an inevitable conclusion. With the addition of every new element to the composition, three things happen. First, the existing context redefines the purpose of the new element. Second, the new element alters the existing context. And third, this dynamic relationship dictates the new course the composition will follow. So with the addition or subtraction of every element, the past context, current selection, and future direction all change.

This is why I choose to create my artwork digitally. With digital tools, the entire process remains fluid and changeable from the first seed of my idea until I deem the work complete. I can move forward and backward, making decisions on any component of the artwork at any time I want. I can execute those decisions visually at the exact moment they occur to me, creating at the speed of thought. However, digital tools are not a shortcut in a race to the finish to complete the artwork; they free me from the linear process and allow my vision to evolve, naturally and fully.