I was born in Pittsburgh , PA in 1962. I was raised with my five sisters in the small town of Crafton. Great family. Great friends. Great community. I had a terrific time.

My first year of college was at The University of Notre Dame studying Architectural Engineering. That was not so great. After a year off working as a deckhand on the coal barges, I returned to school to study Industrial Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. While at RIT, I tried my hand at oil painting for the first time in November of '83. I painted a portrait of one of my beloved heroes; my recently deceased Grandfather. The moment I picked up that brush, it felt like I had been painting my entire life. I was hooked, and my career as a fine artist had begun.

In '85, I returned to Pittsburgh, ready to take my hometown by storm. I immersed myself in the local art community, and my success was critically, if not commercially, immediate. By '89, It was time to test the waters in other markets, so I moved to New Haven, CT. It was to be my hub exploring all of the large east coast venues for the next 5 years.

I was rooted deeply in small-town values, and did not enjoy the frenetic energy of the big cities. I drifted to Nashville, TN where I met Dorothy. In 1997, I also met my first computer. They were both love at first sight, so I married Dorothy and my artwork married the computer. We visited Dorothy's old home in Vermont and knew immediately that was where we belonged. In 2001, we moved to a beautiful historic Victorian home in the village of Brandon. Great family. Great friends. Great community. We're having a terrific time.