When asked to describe my art, it is difficult to find accurate words; I do not fit neatly into any isms. My goal is to create a new language specific to the values I wish to communicate. It is important to note here that art is a vehicle of communication, not merely an outlet for self-expression.

Abstract art is a re-creation of the process of conceptualization. It has often failed because it is spoken in a strange and personal language that offers no common point of reference to the uninitiated observer. Abstract art has been esoteric at its best, intimidating and alienating at its worst.

Realistic art is a celebration of our sensual relationship with our world. This world is a limitless source of wonderment, but in our society where an overabundance of imagery and information is easily accessible, realism is demoted to the status of data. Without a corresponding value judgment, its primary merit is merely its degree of accuracy.

Attempts have been made to bridge these opposing art forms by communicating an abstract subject in a realistic language (i.e. surrealism), or a realistic subject in an abstract language (i.e. impressionism), but those approaches are primarily cosmetic and so the division still exists. My approach is not to blur the edges of realism or sharpen the focus of abstraction, but to create a common ground where the two can meet; not as opponents coerced into an uneasy balance, but as equal partners singing a new song with one voice.