Is it a painting or is it a photograph? The answer is both and neither. Elements of both disciplines are merged together using digital tools to form a totally new way of creating art. The tools I use are a digital SLR camera, computer, Adobe PhotoShop, digitizing tablet and stylus, and a modified Roland Symphony12 color printer.

The first step is taking photos. I choose my subjects based on geometries that provide potential for rhythm and harmony. Each piece of my art is a composite of multiple photos and additional elements that I create directly in the computer. The second step is orchestrating all of the gathered elements; deciding which elements to include and where they should be placed on the digital canvas. Once all of the pieces are in place, it's time to make them work together. I transform all of the pieces individually, changing their size, orientation, color, shadows, highlights - everything - until they form a cohesive and lyrical composition.

With the composition structured, the painting is now ready to begin. First I break down the photographic qualities of the image and reduce it to very smooth areas of color. Next, using a combination of different digital paintbrushes, I begin to reshape those areas back into focus, changing every line, every curve, every detail, making them say exactly what I want them to say, creating a perfect balance and harmony among all of the elements in the artwork.

Finally, the art is printed on canvas using archival pigmented ink, varnished, and stretched. All of the images are presented as signed and numbered limited editions.